Business Law

At Albright Law Ltd, we strive to provide our business clients with the best and most accessible service.

Non-Profit or For-Profit businesses have a variety of options to choose from for general startup and corporate filing, as well as maintaining contact with counsel when legal matters arise.

We can help you with: 

Starting a business

We will take care of all the legal steps to getting you business up and running as a legal entity.  We will assist you with investigating business opportunities, preparing specific legal documents, business purchase agreements, and more.  We can specifically help with:

  • General Partnership
  • S Corporation
  • LLP
  • LLC
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Limited Partnership
  • Professional Corporation
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Operating Agreements
  • Employer ID
  • Licenses
  • Running a business

Albright Law Ltd can help you make sure you are within the legal guidelines of your obligation as an employer.  We can help you steer clear of any wage and harassment employment law disputes along with employment contracts and retirements and benefit plans.

Business real estate

We can help you with real estate business matters including buying and selling real estate, lease negotiations, document preparation, and zoning laws.

Selling a business

We help clients everyday with selling their current business.  We assist in the negotiation after investigating potential buyers for the property.  After a match is found, Albright Law Ltd will prepare the transfer documents, memorandums, and sale contracts.

Closing a business

We will assess your company and advise the best way to liquidize your assets in the event you company cannot be sold.

Business disputes and lawsuits

Albright Law Ltd can help you resolve business disputes and lawsuits.  We will evaluate your case so you know your options and provide professional and skilled representation in lawsuits, arbitrations, settlement negotiation and mediations.